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My stuff was wack for now so...

2008-05-21 15:43:27 by GAT-X3000

Ok people serious buisness coming up.
Yeah, so... like I said, my sh*t's just wack, it's really not good enough, and NO I'm not satisfied with my music, that's why I have not posted anything recently, because I've been working pretty hard to see how to improve my music, so I was sorta working out some new sh*t, and I'm making pretty good progress, but from now on, I'm only gonna put on Newgrounds, what I consider: really good and mastered. Or else, theres absolutly no use to put m stuff on NG. So It'll take longer for some of my stuff to show up, but no more cr*p on newgrounds from me anymore.

thank you for use who encourage me,



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