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Another slightly new style for Madness

This animation was great, it had a very cool graphic style, and a lot of humorous moments...
I think the way you animated this was great, it was still quite simple, but very different from the madness style, it felt more worked on, more researched, it actually looked better graphically... What probably made it better was the thick(er) lines you used, and maybe the fact you used more colors as well, it made the scenery more lively. You also had a way of animating where certain fight scenes went by quite fast, like any fast paced action packed animation, but what I think was good with it was that even though it went by fast, you manage to see everything, and that was great, because when you look at certain fast paced animations the biggest problem is that you don't have time to see anything, and here it wasn't the case at all, so good job on that.
Then the animation contained a lot of comical moments, like when Hank and the agent both took the elevator, but did not immediately start fighting, the situation was just ridiculously funny, or when for instance the smiths are waiting behind a locked door, and one is being pushed by the others and shoots by accident, those kind of situations put a lot of humor in the movie. The smiths alone were really funny, I'm not sure what you did to them exactly, probably the way you drew them, to give them a stupid look which made them quite funny.
I did not especially like the soundtrack, but what I think was good, was the way you put 4 songs together, whereas I only had the impression that there were two, so I guess you did a good job on putting them together.
Another element that I think you managed really well were the fist fights. That's something that we don't see often in the Madness series since fire arms are usually dominant. But here not only you used them often, but you made them rather well, you gave them as much action and importance as any other kind of fight, and like I said, they were as good as the other fights, like when Hank fights against the big agent, in the elevator, and before, those were really good.
Great job, no bad points anywhere, really fun to watch, and a cool interesting graphic style compared to the original series. Keep them coming!



Very nice review, all the things you've mentioned I've tried to put in there the Ill tell you a little secret of my own tho, the reason why you can follow the fast passed action in my flash movies is becaus when I've animated to whole fighting then I check for myself ok... let me see if even I can see whats happening, at some parts even I cant see whats happening and at those parts I throw in a slow-motion effect so you can clearly see what happens and those hand to hand combat were hard to make!... love this fucking review, thanks and glad you liked it.

I liked it!

I thought this was really good, in a way it was a very simple and funny way to recreate the madness story line, in other words, a perfect parody!
You managed to animate relatively well, although I'm not too sure about the quality, I did put High, but I dunno, at certain moments it didn't seem too good... About the animating, like I said, you managed to recreate the Madness world very well, although I doubt its very complicated, when you see how simply its drawn...
What I think was really good in this animation, is the way you re-manipulated the original Madness scenario, you did that in a very direct but comedic way that makes this rather a parody. I think you did that in such a good manner it almost seemed real, to go from the beginning to the end in like 2 minutes, is at the same time very exaggerated but actually quite hilarious... Then there were a lot of very funny parts like when the big guy gets pulverized by a canon bolt...etc.
I really liked the way you transformed the Madness scenario, making it all start from a broken heart, and not from... music...? And you managed to put that with the scenario and place of the latest episodes, without any reference to any of the episodes in between, and it seem so clean, it went by so fluidly, that it seemed real.
Like certain people said, this was a good tribute to the madness series, taking the very first episode and remixing it in your own way, but keeping the exact same world and ambiance, it worked out good. I guess making a parody remix of basically the entire series is indeed a good tribute.
I really liked the first song you used, "One is the loneliest number", too bad you didn't use the entire song, it's really good, and would have probably fitted the animation well, but using DJ-Birdy could be considered as paying tribute to Madness, so I guess that's ok.
I think I've covered all points around here, very good animation in general, great story, good music, no bad points, and most of all, a lot of fun for the viewer.


As cool as "Dawn of the Madness"

This was really as good as "Dawn of the Madness", it was well animated suspenseful, and even quite frightening at certain moments...
So yeah, the animating was good, nothing much to add, the characters were fluid, good "camera" movements... yeah nothing much to say...
As far as the story goes, it continued very well, a very zombie-like scenario, and even though I'm not a zombie fan I thought this one was good, having the protagonists get stuck on an island full of zombies was quite scary, I mean I really don't want to be them... Then you made some quite suspenseful scenes when they go into the bunker, with of course no lights, lots of zombies... I could see the little reference to "I am Legend" when the protagonist walks in those dark hallways, with zombies at the dark end...
Other elements which I guess could be part of the story, are the characters, they we're cool, sorta various, going from a cool main guy, a butcher, a goth, and two black stoner gangstas, I especially like those two, they were both cool and funny.
Then, another thing which I really like in this one and "Dawn of the Madness" is the soundtrack, appart certain hard rock action packed songs, most of the songs you used are really good.
In general this animation was really good, no bad points, very entertaining, good animating, good soundtrack... yeah good job, honestly. Now I'll just wait a year for the last installment, see you at "Madness Day '10".


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An amazing and original game experience

This game is honestly one of the best games that I have found on Newgrounds, not because of its character, graphics or story, but of its gameplay. The gameplay is an element in games that rarely changes, and in this case that change was extremly unexpected, mostly because it's an original gameplay, and never seen before in a similiar game.
That simple idea of drawing a line, and resulting in cutting off an arm or a head, all of that is such a new experience, but it's also so original, and that's always what I need to make my day: Originality. About the game experience, I've come to realise that the more you play this game, the easier it becomes to slash through somebody, and that after a little while of playing you just go so fast and fly from enemy to enemy basicly without being hurt, and you end up feeling like a true samurai, and that's simply amazing.
In this game, the character, graphic and story, remind me quite alot of Sinjid and The Rice Hat Warrior, and talking about that second one, I imagine that you inspired yourself quite alot from it, am I wrong? But that's cool, I guess that the fact that I like those two other games, I like this one, except I LOVE this one, seriously.
In the beggining I didn't understand anything in strategy mode. But after a little while I got it, the thing is, in the beginning, it's quite difficult, but after forcing into the enemy troops for a while it get easier and easier, ending up in you having 10 troops everywhere except the final boss.
The fact that the levels were sort of allways the same thing, which means the need to slash into at least 20 enemy, maybe bothered some people, but I say that when you find something fun or super fun, who cares if it goes over and over again? I don't, I'm just as eager to cut those guys heads off as much as in the beginning.
In general, this game made me realise how much the gameplay is the center of the game, and if you change it, the game changes with it.


It's good to be back in the classic

I am sure at 99% that this review is going to go unoticed, but that 1% is the reason that I'm still writing right now...
Honestly man, like my title says, it feels so good to be back in the classic sniping game like your previous Sift Heads 1 & 2, I guess that's what Sift Heads is about, yeah I was really diseapointed in Sift Heads 3, I didn't even manage to get passed the elevator part... But I'm here to talk about Sift Heads 4.
There were few elements that were animated in an amazing manner, like that Mustang in the main menu, and Vinnie's remote control fliping around, that was basicly 3D man, I mean your mouth is wide open in front of those I swear. Then when you enter the mission menu, the way you animated the world map with its interactivity and all... Same thing, well done, that was a really cool part in the game. The missions were also very nice, fun and pleasent, some times they were sort of complicated, needed time reaction, or thinking, but hell, why not? It's better then just shooting everything that moves right? I also think that the fact you made us go around the world was a nice touch, sure in the plot he cleaned Chicago, but he still could of go to New York or some other major american city, but you made us take a plane to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Venice...etc. And now THAT, was cool.
About the weapons, I think that there was a whole lot of choice with that selection, when you acctualy only needed the Beretta and the most expensive sniper... Well if by any chance someone wants the uzi or the M16, at least he has it, so that could be a positive point for those who want diversity, however, for those who can't choose, well good luck guys.
I have to say, I think that you have a music selection that fits pretty damn well with the game, goes with the ambiance, the songs aren't bad at all, good job on that, because when the music doesn't fit or if it's TOO good for the game, well that kinda sucks... I have to point out especialy Danman87's songs, they were the best in my opinion.
One final detail, I found it kinda cool when the Rio de Janeiro missions acctualy followed each other, compared to all the other locations, where the missions had no relation appart the location itself.
Ok, I've said enough. I'de deeply appriciate if you read this review, if you ever found the time. Once again, great job on everything!


You just gotta respect the classic arcade

God bless the ol' arcade style games or 8bit games (that's how you call them right?) it's allways cool to fall upon those; Dinorun, Gammabros, this game...
The games goal was simple, fun when you play it, the levels were puzzling at moments, and that 8bit style graphics were always as fun to watch.
I also find it quite amusing that you animated stickmen in a pixel way, I find that very cool, and original.
With this submission you basicly "honored" the arcade games, with 8bit graphics, 8bit backgrounds, an 8bit atmosphere, and last but not least; 8bit music. I really find it cool when people make games in the 8bit manner, it sort of adds new cool stuff to the 8bit World.
Also it seems to me that the colors you chose were quite simple, and that's great because that's all the arcade games are about: simplicity. And yeah, I have to point out once again at the music, it was just plain pure arcade music, it's not my favorite element in the 8bit World, but when we talk about it in the game's context, well there was nothing more that could of made this game what it is.
I guess I used the words "arcade" and "8bit" enough, time to sign this off.


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Cool song!

I must say that I prefer this one than "Who The Fuck Am I?". Mostly because of it's choice of instruments, more concentrated on electric guitars and a general synthetic rock sound. I'm not particularily fond of this song BUT it's very good non-the-less, I honestly don't see any big problems with it. Except maybe the drums, sure, the guitars are good, but I agree with the guy below me, the drums need a bit more work, I'd suggest making them as diverse as the guitars.
So here's the scene:
It's around 2:30 a.m. in a night life city. Far away in some distant street, we see a group of 4 guys around their 20s, all wearing suits and ties with sun glasses, one of them has a mohawk. They walk into a nightclub and order some drinks and calmly hang around. Their not secret agents or cops, just a group of friends hanging out. After spending a bit of their time there, they move out and head to some other place. They end up in a crowded bar with loud music. They order more drinks like vodka shots and tequila. They hang around and dance, one of them starts to dance with a girl until her boyfriend shows up and starts a fight. All 4 of them jump on him and an entire riot unleashes inside the bar. Finally a dozen people get kicked out, including the 4 friends, who after swearing out loud in the middle of the street hit the road again. This time they arrive at a shisha with dark lights and a resting atmosphere. After smoking for around 2 hours, they head back out in search of alcohol. They hang out in some other nightclub until 6 a.m. where they each leave in their own directions.
I hope you prefer this scene, I do :P. Tell me what you think man


Syntrus responds:

Dude thats bad ass I was totally thinking night club drama when I made this. Good work. In response to the review part I agree but its so hard to find a real drummer who isn't high all the time :D. I have actly done this night once in college.

Didn't see that coming

This song hit me like a struck of lightning, I didn't see that coming.
What was a real surprise was when the guitar first showed up, since we don't really here them anymore. It's a shame you don't post any rock songs anymore, you're so good... Yeah, this song is a real fucking surprise. Probably another thing I absolutly love about this song is the fact that it reminds me of the band Swell, with its strange noises and cool guitars. This song is so amazing, I can easily picture you playing your guitar one evening. The sort of bad recording sound is a great touch, and gives a lot of feeling to this song. This also sounds like one of those songs with a story behind. I honestly cannot think of something from this song that isn't good, everything's perfect.
I also created a scene to go with (well it's more of a trailer):
We see a house, burning. The image is slightly blury. The sky is dark and grey. Ashes fall from the sky.
(0:42) We then see a red 1978 chevrolet malibu driving through an empty road, in the middle of no where, under a dark grey sky. Inside is a young guy, late 20's at most, wearing a leather jacket and sun glasses, smoking. He seems calm. He holds the wheel of his malibu with his right hand, while his left arm is hanging out of the window. We don't and won't know this guy's name, but that doesn't matter, what we really need to know is that he's a man that wants to escape from this dreaded, lying society. The only thing left for him to do is leave without a trace. So he started by burning down his own home. His philosophy is that you can only really live when your out on your own. It's maybe not everyone's and some could disagree, but it's his and he respects it. So he left for this dark neverending road that will lead him to who knows where. This act of his also attracted the attention of the media from all over the country. People are looking for him; his father, an inspector, a reporter, even a politician. People are on his trace but without concidering why he's doing all of this, these people only look for him for their own damn reasons instead of leaving him be. This is what he's running away from, a selfish society, so he keeps driving through this dark empty road.
I love this song man, keep it up. I hope to hear more like this soon enough.
Hope you enjoyed the review and scene!


S-Rock responds:

That's Pretty bad ass :D hah you're good

Thanks for the first review :)
it's always good to get a full detailed review. the scenes are always cool to see when pictured .

Really fuckin' epic

The synths really make me think of a game like Sim City or something, but as soon as the beat shows up with the strings at 0:54, things just get epic. Yeah those strings and the beat, both are real fuckin' epic, great job! I also just love the way the melody turns into some dramatic event with more epicness at 1:59. You really know your way through epic shit and cinematic ambiances, that's awesome! But, if I were you, I'd simply get rid of that guitar, that shows up at 2:27, because it just doesn't go with the melody. There's also a few instrument and melody connections to work on.
Otherwise, I have nothing to advise, your doing just fine, but this song is great!

We have an aerial view of many mountains full of trees. We then see a road among those many trees, with only one car driving through. Inside, we have the basic american family, the patriotic father (Mel Gibson), the mother, the boy and the girl. They finally arrive to their new home, located in the middle of one of those gigantic mountains with all those trees. A few other houses are around, but no one's there to greet them. As the family unpack, the father notices that some people are looking at them through their windows. He waves his hand hello, but the people go back inside their homes. During several days, the family feels rejected by their neighbours, they never come out and say hi, always avoiding the new comers...
Until the day where the father goes to one of those homes to introduce himself, but the neighbour says "We don't want you here."
As the father was going to work, he noticed a parked Jeep Grand Cherokee, with some youngsters going towards it, the kind that's got beers in the back and that's always up to no good. Punks, if you will. That night, when the father arrived home from work, he couldn't help noticing that same black jeep parked not to far away from their home, hidden behind a few trees. You could be thinking that nobody was in it, but you would be wrong... The father clearly saw a cigarette burning inside the vehicle, someone was smoking. He tried not to pay attention. A few days later, the father was coming home from work. It was night. As he was driving through the mountain road, he saw a big log being thrown at him. He immediatly stops his car, preventing it from swerving off the road and being thrown off the cliff. He looks to where the log came from, and sees the Jeep, driving away at full speed.
The father hurries home, grabs his shotgun, and heads down to the town where the punks are headed... He won't stand it any longer, he's going to take this matter into his own hands. He is the loving father, ready to protect his family.

This scene has nothing against canadians, I swear, even I am half canadian, so I wouldn't do that, to anybody. It's just a scenario. Hope you enjoyed it!


popraz responds:

Thank you ! I'm glad you like the song. It drove me crazy while I was working on it. It's probably my biggest effort, both creatively and tehnically. And, I really love the scene (big fan of ol' Mel too). I've always liked these vigilante stories (and movies). Knowing Gibson flicks, his family will probably get wiped out while he's out after the punks, which will send him into a killing frenzy (go Mad Mel). So long, peaceful Canadian town ! Great scene ! Loved every word of it ! I enjoyed it so much, that I might be coming back for more. Again, thank you !

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Great drawing pal!

This is great! I haven't played the game yet, but I sure am gonna now though, all thanks to you!
I don't know what software you used to do this, but the result is really good. And I also especially like the colors, all the green laying around there and all...
For some reason, the fact that little piece of land is in the air, it makes the whole thing look like a little plastic model, quite amusing. And last but not least I also like the sort of exagerated drawing style, I dunno if the game's like that, but I like what you did here, the sort of big helmets, small feet...etc.
Great piece you got here, slightly different for all your other stuff, but that's good, variation brings... variation...? *sigh*
Keep it up bro!


jouste responds:

hey gat-x3000. i use sketchbook pro for my lines and textures and photoshop for my coloring. the proportions you mentioned are pretty typical of every guy that i draw. i just carried them over to the chibiknight world.

thanks for dropping by with a high score and some kind words!

*highfives back!*

Great drawing!

Great drawing, and very sexy.
And yes indeed, it IS a women... with plain white eyes, which are sorta scary.
I dunno how you managed the lips but they're great.
Good job man,



Honestly, more work is recommended...

Making parodys is easy, inventing something new and creative, that's something else.

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