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Away goes the music and here comes the anims

2008-07-14 05:20:20 by GAT-X3000

Hey people,
Finally I've decided to abandon the music I make and start as an animator, so an addition to making stop-motion animations on YouTube, I'm starting to make flash films, right now I'm working on a project, thats working really well, so there's basically no chances that I'll be abandoning flash sooner or later, because with the big progress I'm making and the ideas I have going, nothing is gonna stop me. I'd better not say anything for now but I need to thank Ogt2 who's helped me make big progress for now. I can't really say when my animation's gonna be released but I'm gonna try to finish it by beginning of august.
Thanks to anyone who read this, and to those who would like to help me in any way,



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2008-09-24 14:27:54

Good luck with your stuff Frenchy ;). You're not really French are you? ;p

GAT-X3000 responds:

Hey thanks man I'm gonna need it, and yes I am french;
tu n'es pas obliger de me croire mais bon, fait comme tu en as envie...
Cya around the portal dude.