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2007-09-26 06:04:44 by GAT-X3000

Yo everybody, sup?
So, this is just my first post, thought it was 'bout time I made one... Anyway, sadly I don't have any submitions here on newgrounds, I wish I could put music, but for some reason, my mp3 file doesn't work...But at least I have an account on YouTube! That's right, and with to date 26 animations, here's the link to my account page called bloodgundamX: oodgundamX
So go ahead, check it out! Oh, and if anyone could help me figure out the mp3 thing, please do...
To contact me you can either, send me a direct newgrounds mail, or send me a mail to

So, cya next time!




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2007-10-06 16:01:45

Congrats, bloodgundamX films, all ur animations were great!
I loved the montage and the ulatimate stars.
Hope to see more from you!