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New theme, and it's been a while

2009-05-03 07:26:55 by GAT-X3000

It's been quite a while I haven't made a new post, so here's a brief new one:
So I've done a brand new theme for my page, it's cool...
And here is a quick listing of projects to come:

-project "cailloux" is my last legomation which will soon be done, I got all I need to finish it, and it should be complete in hopefully two months time, released on YouTube.
-my first flash project, code named "F* mary poppins" or "R version" which I will immediatly work on when the legomation is done...
-I'm also doing a Runescape comic, but i don't think I'll put it up on Newgrounds in anyway, I don't think

so those are the projects to soon be released, at least that is so for my legomation, I don't really know how long I will take on flash... =(
And another flash picture to go with the whole theme:


New theme, and it's been a while


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