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Art, soon to be released music video, and ArmorGames...

2009-07-23 05:25:41 by GAT-X3000

Last post was on May 3rd... no comments... yeah who cares...
So, as for my projects, "cailloux" is finished, and it will hopefully be released on YouTube after I present it to the author of the song from this music video.
As for flash, I have not advanced ONE BIT like I said I would on my animations...
after I saw and realized what the new art portal was, I started drawing on flash again. So to start with, I'm gonna post 5 new drawings as soon as I'm done with this freakin' post, that hopefully someone appart my dorky friend OGT2 will notice... Hopefully I'll get scouted, unlike OGT.
What I think is really cool with the Art Portal, and what pushed me to draw on flash again was that, posting flash drawings is the first real possibility I have of participating on Newgrounds. Before now all I did was 4 songs, that I admit, are CRAP. And the thing is, I'm good at drawing, on paper, AND on flash, so here are my first good submissions for Newgrounds.

So that's about it for the "blabla" and for the Art, but now, I would like to attract the attention of anybody who is reading this at the moment. It concernes a certain site called ArmorGames.
What I want to do, and hopefully WILL do on flash are films, movies, animations, call it whatever you want to... The problem with Armorgames is this:
I created an account on Armorgames after the request of my dear buddy OGT, and played several games here and there, no big deal. Then I started joining the forums and stuff, and the moment came where I proposed the idea for "Armorfilms", why not? People started out as, "yeah thats not a bad idea...etc." even a mod thought it was good. But then came these two absolute Armorgamers, a normal guy, that was like "dude your stupid, get outta here", and a mod who brutally said "No". I asked "why?" calmly, they answered back like an attack, I responded, a fight started. I respected their idea that they only post games because thats what they do, but the big problem about ArmorGames, is their community... After I quit the forum, that mod who agreed on my idea for Armorfilms quit Armorgames, I must say, I thank her for doing so.
So today, my opinion on ArmorGames is, I must say, very negative. I am a person who accepts many different opinions, so if one of you come to me and say, "ArmorGames rules!!!" I accept the fact that people like Armorgames, but I just don't.
I think the community of Armorgames is a community of people who think they're great, and think that they are better than sites like these, I must tell you: people of Newgrounds, that they DISPISE this site, they HATE Newgrounds, and think of us as total jerks, when it is THIS site where any wierdo can put his crazy sh*t online for everyone to see. Isn't that what makes this website so cool?
Anyways those are my thoughts on that specific matter, you have your own.

So, I will most definitivly post a link when my music video comes out, from now on I'll post art from time to time, hoping it will help me animate at one point, and I'm hoping people read this, please, take the time to read, and post me your thoughts, on the ArmorGames matter, and my art.



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