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Music video released

2009-08-31 09:05:31 by GAT-X3000

at last, my music video for Fabio Viscogliosi's "cailloux" is now out!
Check it out!

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2009-09-04 17:59:52

Your video kicks ass. KEEP IT UP! I envy your film making skills! Make me a video sometime ha! >=D


2010-01-31 06:45:47

Very nice man!
I enjoyed this very much! :p

Very nicely done, can't really say more xD

GAT-X3000 responds:

Thanks a bunch man! I greatly appreciate it!



2010-02-13 05:49:41

man this video is so ill...

Music Rocks..

Idea rocks

man this is amazin

GAT-X3000 responds:

Wow, heheh, glad you enjoyed, really am.
Yeah, the music's great isn't it?
Thanks for your comment man, I deeply appreciate it!



2010-03-30 21:09:31

You know what... I've never liked this sort of animation or simply style. I find it too bizarre and too far away from what I'm looking for. By that I mean, I'm not your audience.
However! I'm writing this comment not because I want to say I dislike it but because I'm utterly impressed with the originality of idea, with amount of work you must have put into it and the experience you brought up to life curiously merging "LEGO animation" with the peculiar music.

Congrats! And even though it's not my thing, I sincerely encourage you to continue and have no doubt that what you do is unique :)

GAT-X3000 responds:

Wow... Thank you so much! I don't really know what to say to this, but I sure am really glad you liked it, even though it's not your usual thing.
I always love when interesting people post interesting and encouraging comments!
Thanks again man!



2010-07-25 03:04:43

Gay kid.

GAT-X3000 responds:

What the fuck is your problem?
Your just a 13 year old kid that plays Club Penguin for a life, you don't know shit about creating anything and you think you can come back here calling me a gay kid.
First off, I'm nothing close to being gay, trust me on that one, second of all, the kid here is you, and I'm sorry but it's true, not only the only thing you can think of after watching a creative piece of art is calling the author a gay kid (hello this is an animation where some dude is walking down the street, not a movie where two men go to bed together) but you also say on your profile, and I quote:
"Hello there. my heart has changed. im Helpful"
Wow, well gee I must agree, your comment was indeed very helpful... I'm sorry, here, let me quote to you the REAL definition of helpful:
"helpful (adj.) providing assistance or serving a useful function"
See, what I just did here, was being helpful, and that's just not what you do, you go around acting like a kid, calling people gay kids, whereas in reality you're the kid, I dunno if you're gay, could possibly be but I can't prove that for now, but I'm working on it.
So go on back to your little kiddy club penguin world and think about all of that ok?



2010-09-09 18:48:47

its gay-x3000

GAT-X3000 responds:

Jesus Christ, can't you fucking read? It's GAT-X3000 you freakin' retard.
And what the fuck are you doing back here? Got bored? In need of some friends perhaps? Fuck you man, go back to jerking off in front of club penguin.


2010-10-03 00:03:00

Dont troll on the web, it make you look kinda.... well, you figure that part up.

Realy nice video by the way! Thesong realy fits in this "movie". I realy admirer your talents, and imagination!