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Kriminal Intentions -Syntrus Kriminal Intentions -Syntrus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool song!

I must say that I prefer this one than "Who The Fuck Am I?". Mostly because of it's choice of instruments, more concentrated on electric guitars and a general synthetic rock sound. I'm not particularily fond of this song BUT it's very good non-the-less, I honestly don't see any big problems with it. Except maybe the drums, sure, the guitars are good, but I agree with the guy below me, the drums need a bit more work, I'd suggest making them as diverse as the guitars.
So here's the scene:
It's around 2:30 a.m. in a night life city. Far away in some distant street, we see a group of 4 guys around their 20s, all wearing suits and ties with sun glasses, one of them has a mohawk. They walk into a nightclub and order some drinks and calmly hang around. Their not secret agents or cops, just a group of friends hanging out. After spending a bit of their time there, they move out and head to some other place. They end up in a crowded bar with loud music. They order more drinks like vodka shots and tequila. They hang around and dance, one of them starts to dance with a girl until her boyfriend shows up and starts a fight. All 4 of them jump on him and an entire riot unleashes inside the bar. Finally a dozen people get kicked out, including the 4 friends, who after swearing out loud in the middle of the street hit the road again. This time they arrive at a shisha with dark lights and a resting atmosphere. After smoking for around 2 hours, they head back out in search of alcohol. They hang out in some other nightclub until 6 a.m. where they each leave in their own directions.
I hope you prefer this scene, I do :P. Tell me what you think man


Syntrus responds:

Dude thats bad ass I was totally thinking night club drama when I made this. Good work. In response to the review part I agree but its so hard to find a real drummer who isn't high all the time :D. I have actly done this night once in college.

[S_Rock] Burned to the ground [S_Rock] Burned to the ground

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Didn't see that coming

This song hit me like a struck of lightning, I didn't see that coming.
What was a real surprise was when the guitar first showed up, since we don't really here them anymore. It's a shame you don't post any rock songs anymore, you're so good... Yeah, this song is a real fucking surprise. Probably another thing I absolutly love about this song is the fact that it reminds me of the band Swell, with its strange noises and cool guitars. This song is so amazing, I can easily picture you playing your guitar one evening. The sort of bad recording sound is a great touch, and gives a lot of feeling to this song. This also sounds like one of those songs with a story behind. I honestly cannot think of something from this song that isn't good, everything's perfect.
I also created a scene to go with (well it's more of a trailer):
We see a house, burning. The image is slightly blury. The sky is dark and grey. Ashes fall from the sky.
(0:42) We then see a red 1978 chevrolet malibu driving through an empty road, in the middle of no where, under a dark grey sky. Inside is a young guy, late 20's at most, wearing a leather jacket and sun glasses, smoking. He seems calm. He holds the wheel of his malibu with his right hand, while his left arm is hanging out of the window. We don't and won't know this guy's name, but that doesn't matter, what we really need to know is that he's a man that wants to escape from this dreaded, lying society. The only thing left for him to do is leave without a trace. So he started by burning down his own home. His philosophy is that you can only really live when your out on your own. It's maybe not everyone's and some could disagree, but it's his and he respects it. So he left for this dark neverending road that will lead him to who knows where. This act of his also attracted the attention of the media from all over the country. People are looking for him; his father, an inspector, a reporter, even a politician. People are on his trace but without concidering why he's doing all of this, these people only look for him for their own damn reasons instead of leaving him be. This is what he's running away from, a selfish society, so he keeps driving through this dark empty road.
I love this song man, keep it up. I hope to hear more like this soon enough.
Hope you enjoyed the review and scene!


S-Rock responds:

That's Pretty bad ass :D hah you're good

Thanks for the first review :)
it's always good to get a full detailed review. the scenes are always cool to see when pictured .

Stand United [popraz - Rac3] Stand United [popraz - Rac3]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really fuckin' epic

The synths really make me think of a game like Sim City or something, but as soon as the beat shows up with the strings at 0:54, things just get epic. Yeah those strings and the beat, both are real fuckin' epic, great job! I also just love the way the melody turns into some dramatic event with more epicness at 1:59. You really know your way through epic shit and cinematic ambiances, that's awesome! But, if I were you, I'd simply get rid of that guitar, that shows up at 2:27, because it just doesn't go with the melody. There's also a few instrument and melody connections to work on.
Otherwise, I have nothing to advise, your doing just fine, but this song is great!

We have an aerial view of many mountains full of trees. We then see a road among those many trees, with only one car driving through. Inside, we have the basic american family, the patriotic father (Mel Gibson), the mother, the boy and the girl. They finally arrive to their new home, located in the middle of one of those gigantic mountains with all those trees. A few other houses are around, but no one's there to greet them. As the family unpack, the father notices that some people are looking at them through their windows. He waves his hand hello, but the people go back inside their homes. During several days, the family feels rejected by their neighbours, they never come out and say hi, always avoiding the new comers...
Until the day where the father goes to one of those homes to introduce himself, but the neighbour says "We don't want you here."
As the father was going to work, he noticed a parked Jeep Grand Cherokee, with some youngsters going towards it, the kind that's got beers in the back and that's always up to no good. Punks, if you will. That night, when the father arrived home from work, he couldn't help noticing that same black jeep parked not to far away from their home, hidden behind a few trees. You could be thinking that nobody was in it, but you would be wrong... The father clearly saw a cigarette burning inside the vehicle, someone was smoking. He tried not to pay attention. A few days later, the father was coming home from work. It was night. As he was driving through the mountain road, he saw a big log being thrown at him. He immediatly stops his car, preventing it from swerving off the road and being thrown off the cliff. He looks to where the log came from, and sees the Jeep, driving away at full speed.
The father hurries home, grabs his shotgun, and heads down to the town where the punks are headed... He won't stand it any longer, he's going to take this matter into his own hands. He is the loving father, ready to protect his family.

This scene has nothing against canadians, I swear, even I am half canadian, so I wouldn't do that, to anybody. It's just a scenario. Hope you enjoyed it!


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popraz responds:

Thank you ! I'm glad you like the song. It drove me crazy while I was working on it. It's probably my biggest effort, both creatively and tehnically. And, I really love the scene (big fan of ol' Mel too). I've always liked these vigilante stories (and movies). Knowing Gibson flicks, his family will probably get wiped out while he's out after the punks, which will send him into a killing frenzy (go Mad Mel). So long, peaceful Canadian town ! Great scene ! Loved every word of it ! I enjoyed it so much, that I might be coming back for more. Again, thank you !

Captains Curse Captains Curse

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A really cool 8bit song

I like this song a lot. I've always sort of liked this 8bit feeling, as well as the sound it's instruments make.
Another thing that's really cool with 8bit is that usually, authors who do that style create certain melodies with it that give the genre a cooler and more complete feeling. Example: take the 10 first seconds of your song, and compare it with the rest. The first 10 seconds are blank, they have absolutely no feeling or sentimental value, but the rest does. In the rest you can feel an expression, a story told by someone that you can't make out but can understand. I especially liked a few parts from this song, like the one at 0:10, and the one at 1:06. The rest was good, but not my favorites.
What I would recommend is to make one of those melodies the main one, to keep the others, but to make the main one come back a few times. But if you like your songs this way, then keep 'em like that.
We see huge, deserted, dark and rocky landscapes. They're so vast it's inconceivable to see the end of them. All is grey.
(0:10) But out of nowhere, a little knight has showed up, walking through the grey, through the rocky landscapes. He has been sent by some unknown king to go and get some ancient treasure through out dead lands. This knight is small, very small, but has a big head and big hands, and looks like a chibi knight. Just by the look of his physical appearance, everybody laughed at the idea that he was sent to get the treasure (but ironically, a lot of them are as small as him). But he's a little guy capable of big acheivements. So he still went and crossed many lands and many dangers, passed by many challenges. (1:06) He's also defeated many creatures, including chibi swamp things, chibi squeletons, and chibi golems. He's a knight full of courage, he's capable of anything! He finally manages to kill a big chibi dragon, and get that treasure back to the king.
He's a little guy capable of big achievements.
Hope you liked that chibi scene! :D


Kaggen responds:

Woah thanks man, I liked the scene very much, thanks for a such ambitious little story :> And thanks for the pointers will try it in my next song that i´m working on !

Taps Played on Base Taps Played on Base

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A well played traditional song

There isn't much to say, so I'll just be brief here;
You played the cornet relatively well, and the effect you put sounds good, seems like your hearing the cornet from away. Nothing to say on the song, since you just played it and didn't write it. So I'll just skip to the scene:

The scene takes place far into the mountains. The sun rises. We can see a few soldiers on the rocky surfaces which was a battle field a few hours ago. We then hear a cornet which signals the arrival of backup, it can be heard all over the mountain. We then see a soldier, holding another's hand, but this other one is laying on the ground, laying in his own blood. He's already dead. The soldier thought he could have survived until backup came, but unfortunately he did not...

Hope this short scene satisfies you,


AccountableMasses responds:

not exactly what had in mind (thought you were going to draw a scene) but hey, it works for what one asks for.

Your scene would of worked for more for a battle call like revelry before/during the battle. Then after the battle, onto taps.

Problem is, the memory of that battle is still being fought and played in that soldier who fought at the side of his fallen comrade's burial.

Taps is played, 21 gun salute and all. Then after that, soldier walks off and retires for the night.

Again, if you ever been on/around a military base around night time, this almost exactly what taps would sounded like over the loud speakers. If you ever have the chance to visit one, do so. You won't forget it.

Trial by Fire . . . of DOOM! Trial by Fire . . . of DOOM!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

An interesting dance song

In my opinion, this isn't exactly a dance song, but more like a mario v.s. browser music. But I can see what you mean by dance music, simply the fact that it makes you want to dance and move.
This isn't particularly my type of music, with the organ and all, but it's catchy non-the-less. About the main organ, it wasn't bad, but just not my thing. The beat was good, so is the piano. Overall the mastering was good in my opinion each and every part of the song was good. I just wish you put the part from 1:12 more often, because it was so fuckin' cool.
All we see is black, darkness... Until 0:03, where a projector turns on, and lights up a tall, thin, disproportioned man with an exaggerated mustache and a top hat, holding a cane. He raises his arms in the air, like greeting an invisible crowd. He then takes his cane and hits it on the ground, he then starts to dance with his arms wide open, and twirls around. He keeps dancing and laughs. (1:12) He brutally stops, and slowly stands up. He then hits his cane on the ground again, and starts to do a dance macabre, meaning he does brutal, robotic gestures that go with the music. He doesn't laugh anymore, on the contrary, he seems to be much more concentrated. (1:26) He raises his cane up into the air, sparks seem to be coming from all over the "stage". He keeps doing his thing, and keeps dancing and jumping like a crazy man in an asylum, until 3:29 where the spotlight turns off and leaves the spectator once again in total darkness.


TheLizardofOdd responds:

...I'm seeing the Man with the Bowler Hat from 'The Robinsons' dancing like a crazy person. XD LMAO That's awesome, thank you!
And I agree, 1:12 is my favorite part. This isn't my usual style either, but that was more of the point of why I made it...a test to see what I can do with the genre. It was meant to be like a boss-fight-song of sorts, so I'm glad that's what you see. :) Thanks!!

Corruption of the Heart Corruption of the Heart

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sounds like "Silent Hill"

What struck me was the fact that this song has a very massive "Silent Hill" feeling, and it really does sound like the game's soundtrack, exactly the same instruments and sounds, and most of all, it has the same, simple, but creepy sensation to it. All of it sounds a lot like the game, only detail is the drum beat that doesn't sound like the game's music. But enough of "Silent Hill", let's get back to your song; honestly it's good, but it's not really my type of thing. None the less this song is perfect for any horror themed game or film/animation... it's fucking creepy too... brrr...
Ok, scene time:

The scene takes place in the middle of the woods, where there's a lonely wooden house. Rain pours heavily from the dark grey sky. Inside the house is a man, who has lived a terrible tragedy. He lost his son a couple years back, who died from a disease which was impossible to cure. Since then his life has never been the same, life had become pointless to him. After his wife had left, filled with despair, he decided to go out and live all alone, away from the rest of the world. Since then he lives out in the woods, where rain pours all day, every day, and where nobody comes down to see him.
But one day, as thunder was roaring in the air and rain falling powerfully like usual, he hears a knock at the door. At first, he believes it's just the thunder, but there's another knock. He slowly walks to the door, and after waiting for a few seconds, opens it. He then sees another man outside, wearing a long black rain coat, and who's head is covered by a hood. "What do you want?" he asks. After waiting a while, the man in the rain coat answers from a deep voice: "Don't believe other people's lies.". Intrigued, the man asks "What do you mean?". After another moment of silence, then the man in the rain coat says:
"Your son is still alive." and disappears into the fog and rain.
The man, then stays at his door step, not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do. He just stays there, alone once again, not knowing what to believe...


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Tainted Halls Tainted Halls

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sounds like Tim Burton music

This song sounded quite simple, but I dought it was, with all the instruments going on... All the instruments sounded very good, I personally don't have much to say there. The whole song was well orchestrated, well organized. I must say, this song has a very strong Tim Burton feeling to it, with it's "ghostly" feel and little bells (or is it a harp?). All of it was good, but it's not really my taste, but that's no big deal, you still get your scene:
Washington, 1850's

It's the middle of winter, it's cold and it's night.
We are faced with a dark alley between two small buildings. The alley is full of snow, and a light source at the end of it allows a small orange light through this alley. We see a man's silhouette walk through. He's wearing one of those big, warm winter coats, and a top hat. He's all alone. He passes the alley, another light source lits his face. He stops walking, and contemplates the deserted and silent area, with a certain sense of curiosity. He turns around, and heads back towards the alley, disappearing from scene...

All of this is kinda short, but I guess it's enough anyhow (I guess : / )
Hope you like this small scene, by the way, just want to remind you that this is what I see with the song, so please don't ask me like "so what's going on? Who is he?", because even I don't know... :P


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TheLizardofOdd responds:

I would never presume to ask for more! Thanks so much, I'm loving reading these! Though I am noticing that for whatever reason my music makes you envision men with top hats! XD
Thanks very much, for the scene and the detailed comments on the music itself as well. Very insightful and helpful. :)

Flight of the -Dragon- Flight of the -Dragon-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very cool, creepy song

This is one very cool, creepy song. The dark ambiance really gives the song a lot of emotions.
The instruments were well played and mastered, well enough to create a good, creepy film atmosphere, especially the ambient sounds and the bells. The drums were also good. As for the rest like the oriental instruments and clapping (?), I honestly found them inappropriate for this song, their fine, but they just don't belong in this song. As for the D'n'B time beat at 2:10; even though it sounded quite good, I think that for this song you should have stick to the dark ambient side, and not go in every direction, even if it wasn't such a bad idea... So all I have to say is when you work on a specific genre, mostly stick with it, unless you find another one that could go with it. A common example is hip-hop and classical for instance.
I'll skip to the scene now (note: I imagine the scene taking place during the 5 first minutes of the song):
The scene takes place on a deserted harbor, around 11 P.M.
We see a man in a trench coat and fedora walking past a big, dark, old cargo ship full of rust. He's a mobster who left one mafia family for another. He joined this one barely a year ago, and tonight he's being made.
He thinks this whole situation is strange, because according to the mobster tradition, only really respected men get made, men you've known for years and trust your life with. Another thing is, usually "being made" is an excuse to whack someone, and he doesn't like that one bit.
But he sticks around, lits a cigarette, and goes on the old cargo ship. Another fishy detail is that nobody's on it. Well, that's what it looks like...
He walks around, but sees nothing. Things are silent until he hears a brief footstep not too far away. He turns around but still doesn't see anything. He goes towards one end of the ship which is totally dark, but stops as he hears another footstep coming from that dark end. He drops his cigarette. He grabs his gun, and walks towards that dark end...
Far from the cargo ship we hear 2 immediate gun shots followed by a 3rd. We then see the mobster falling from the ship into the sea like a dead weight.


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TheLizardofOdd responds:

Great scene, it's definitely interesting to read what others see when they listen to descriptive music! This one is such an older tune...I have long since grown used to everything it does and stopped picturing anything new for it, so this is exciting! Thank you!
I agree on your reasoning about the odd turns it makes...I tend to enjoy music that mixes various styles in cool ways (John Powell/Elfman like), but I think sometimes I tend to just wander around rather than have a solid mix.

[S_Rock] Another Level [S_Rock] Another Level

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No limit

Man, your hip-hop knows no limit! Your beats just get better and better, more and more epic, more and more kick-ass.
Like your song Hemp Root, what's great in this one, is the feeling it gives. But unlike Hemp Root, it doesn't give an epic feel, this one has more of a violent feeling to it. A really violent feeling. And this feeling obviously comes from your talent; you always find great melodies and rhythms, and here all your instruments are fantastic, even perfect. I love the rockish drums, the synths are beast, the strings in the back aren't clear enough to analyze, but I'm beating they're great. As for the guitar you added, it's like a tad of pissed Karousel injected into hip-hop. All of that together creates a kick-ass hip-hop beat, which is as violent as a bullet fatally hitting your beating heart.
I honestly can't think of much more to say, I mean in my opinion, there's nothing to improve here, but your welcome to try and make a song which could defy this one's violence. (good luck :P)
Now for me scene :D

(0:00 - 0:22) Today's society has evolved in something that brutally rejects people from it. Not only does it reject them, but it also makes them turn towards violence, which is something they don't always fully understand. They then become agents of chaos.
(0:22) We find ourselves in a city where violence is everywhere, and when it's all gather in this one city. We see two men fighting themselves to death in a bar. (0:28) A man in a fedora and trench coat, holding a thompson, is walking away from a building which immediately explodes into burning debris. (0:33) Two men fight and end up both going through a window over 50 stories high. (0:39) We see a car driving fast, which then blows up from inside, leaving a spinning carcass on the street.
These are examples of what happens when insanity gets to you, this is what you get when you expose the corrupted truth to normal people, this is what you have when you give the weaponry needs to a violent youth.
This violence is cause by people who are wild at heart, mad and rebellious. People who don't need a boss or a motherfuckin' leader over them. People who are hungry for anarchy. People who, unlike what others say, know exactly what they're doing and it's consequences.
(1:30) A fast-paced car accident where one t-bones another and sends it flying in the air. (1:36) A hit man executes a mobster on a dark building top, one shot to the head. (1:41) A man in a fedora grabs his thompson machine gun and starts to fire. (1:47) Gun fight in the middle of a lit street between two men and their beretta's. Slightly slow motion, wee see the fired rounds falling from the pistols.
The dark streets of this city keep getting infected by blood and hatred, that is all that's left from this place. Humanity has disappeared for a long time, and murder has become routine, death is a constant visitor.
(2:38) We see another car chase from up front. One of the cars suddenly blows up from behind, making the car's rear end fly up high, and letting the car slide upside down on the road. (2:43) Aerial view of a building which suddenly explodes, and collapses onto the street, among huge falling pieces of concrete. (2:49) A man is walking towards his car, stops in front of it to enter, but another man walking behind him takes out a gun and shoots. (2:55) And finally, another cold blooded drive by shooting to end it all.
There you go. The scene's sort messed up, but what I basically show is a violent routine. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it!


S-Rock responds:

Messed up to say the least :D Thanks man